What made me think of this was the much more common noun ‘Arachnophobia’ as exemplified in Peter de Niverville’s masterful short story ‘The Petting Zoo’ which I consider the BEST SHORT STORY OF 2012! [ it can be found on the web ]

My poem is a much gentler look at our little eight-legged friends. I hope you enjoy it.



Some people can’t get over

their arachnophobia

but say that I’m far sillier :

I have arachnophilia .


Red-backs and huntsmen

and daddy-long-legs

I just love to visit

in granddad’s shed


while the backyard becomes

a construction site

where spiders build webs

on hot summer nights .

9 thoughts on “Arachnophilia

    • A lovely poem John, I imagine kids would love it! I hope none of them try to pat red back spiders though!
      I love the near rhyme of your poem, and the metaphor of the final verse is well done, and completely appropriate!

  1. johnlmalone says:

    well thank you Charlotte. I have 7 more spider poems — eight altogether for each of their legs — which I may post from time to time. They have all been published in mainstream literary magazines for children

  2. Very funny! I recall you came into the kitchen once with a huntsman on your back. When I mentioned this you ran about shrieking like Dr Zachary Smith from Lost in Space (master of shrieking)!

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